אטומייזר מבית QP DESIGN מיועד לאיוד בצורת MTL וגם DL, מגיע באריזה מיוחדת עם 2 מיכלים 1 פלסטיק עם מילוי תחתון , ואחד זכוכית עם מילוי עליון


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קרא עוד

24mm Diameter
Single coil
Two airflow rings
MTL Airflow Ring 3 air holes  (Hole size  0.5 /1.0 /1.5 mm)
DLH Airflow ring
Ultem MTL insert (Hole size 1.5mm)  (When building remove the insert or don't pre heat the coils to much as you can melt or damage the insert its better to pulse the coils and keep eye on it.)
Postless deck
Half turn top cap
Bottom airflow
510 drip tip MTL (Black)
510 drip tip DLH (Black)
Clear 2ml tank (Not to use with Acidic or Menthol Juices could get damaged)
Glass 4ml tank
Side installed screws
Vape band with logo
Flat head screws
Hex grub screws
Black O-Rings
Accessory bag
Serial number